Zwischen den Stühlen

„There is a keyword for teacher traineeship: self-confidence-castration.“ - Ralf, teacher trainee in Berlin

Two years long prospective teachers are working between the priorities of making evaluations and being evaluated. While dealing with the education of pupils they have to grow up themselves. A constant double role: taming school classes and letting themselves reproved by their own seminar leader. Giving grades and being stressed out because of their own exams during this learning process. They are still students, but already teachers. »Zwischen den Stühlen« is following five protagonists on this gripping journey.

„A film of its time – stress personified. The characters are very well developed and appealing, the filmmaker’s cinema verité approach allowed us to be close to their human drama that touched our hearts and stimulated our minds. With a sense of humour, and a serious underlying message about the fate of young people and their futures at its heart.“ Healthy Workplaces
„Closely monitored with cinematic means and without any comments, the film shows precisely, how difficult it is to implement blueprints in reality.“ Goethe Instiut


  • Director: Jakob Schmidt
  • Editor: Julia Wiedwald
  • Colorist: André „Speedy“ Froelian
  • Production: Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF
  • Co Producer: ZDF kleines Fernsehspiel
  • Distribution: weltkino
  • Duration: 100 Minutes
In competition
  • 2018 Preis der Deutschen Filmkritik
  • 2016 DokLeipzig
  • 2017 Achtung Berlin
  • 2016 DEFA Sponsoring Prize
  • 2016 Healthy Workplaces Film Award
  • 2016 Goethe Institut Documentary Film Prize
  • 2016 Prize Of The United Services Trade Union VER.DI
  • 2018 Berlinale
  • 2017 DOK.fest München